Join the Guild Event : Dueler Kingdom!
Join the Duel and get luxurious rewards!

  • Period
  • From the end of scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Nov 6 to Tuesday, Nov 19 11:59pm PT (estimated)

  • Event Details
  • Challenging Duel during the event period will get you [Event Points].
    The more Event Points you earn, the better the rewards.

    How to earn Event Points
    Missions Rewards
    [Guild]Let’Join the Duel 3 times Guild Event Point E x200
    [Guild]Win the Duel! Guild Event Point E x100
    [Guild]Let’ts Win in Battle! Guild Event Point E x50

  • Rewards
  • There are two kinds of rewards,[Individual Rewards] and [Ranking Rewards].
    Various rewards are waiting for you – Philosopher’s Stone Fragment and Duel’s Large Mystery Pack for Individual Rewards,
    also Philosopher’s Stone Fragment and Duel’s Large Mystery Pack for Ranking Rewards. Don’t miss the chance!

    Individual Rewards
    You can get different rewards depending on how many Event Points you earn.
    *Individual Rewards are sent to the Present Box when you reach certain point milestones.
    Accumulated Points Rewards
    3000 Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x1
    2600 Duel’s Large Mystery Pack x1
    2300 Crystal x1000
    2000 Phantasm Gem x100
    1800 Duel’s Mystery Pack x2
    1600 Duel Point x300
    1400 Crystal x500
    1200 Phantasm Gem x100
    1000 Duel Point x200
    700 Crystal x300
    500 Duel’s Mystery Pack x1
    300 Duel Point x100
    200 Crystal x100
    100 Phantasm Gem x100
    Ranking Rewards
    You can get different Ranking Rewards depending on your Guild’s ranking. Ranking is calculated by the sum total of Event Points earned by the Guild’s members.
    *Ranking Rewards are sent to your Present Box depending on your rank after the event ends.
    *Guild Ranking Rewards are sent in order after Wednesday, Nov 20, 12:00am PT.
    Ranking Rewards
    1st place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x4
    Duel’s Large Mystery Pack x10
    2nd place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x3
    Duel’s Large Mystery Pack x7
    3rd place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x2
    Duel’s Large Mystery Pack x5
    4th~10th place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x1
    Duel’s Large Mystery Pack x3
    11th~30th place Duel’s Mystery Pack x10
    31st~50th place Duel’s Mystery Pack x7
    51st ~100th place Duel’s Mystery Pack x5
    101st ~300th place Duel’s Mystery Pack x3
    301st~1000th place Duel’s Mystery Pack x1
  • Notes
  • *The schedule, duration, and content of maintenance may change at any time.
    *You cannot receive Ranking Rewards unless you belong to a Guild.