A collaboration event with a popular TV animation series BEASTARS, [Festival of the Meteor in Another World] is live!
Enjoy our new original story where Hal, Legoshi, Rouis and the Caravan come together at the Festival of the Meteor.

Check the below for more details.

Event Period

From the maintenance on Feb 16 to the maintenance on Mar 16

(1) Go to Free City Nero.
(2) Talk to the Polka standing at the sight following;

Collab event limited! Make Hal, 5★ Hero your ally!
All you have to do is just logging in daily!

■Available until;
Mar 14, 11:59 pm JST
*The login promotion ends when you receive all rewards within the period.

Login No. Rewards Login No. Rewards
1st Day Hero [Hal] 14th Day Large Earth Gem x10
2nd Day Cherryton School Student ID 15th Day Large Wind Gem x10
3rd Day Gold Dungeon Ticket x1 16th Day Large Light Gem x10
4th Day EXP Dungeon Ticket x1 17th Day Large Dark Gem x10
5th Day Medium Fire Gem x10 18th Day Phantasm Gem x1000
6th Day Medium Water Gem x10 19th Day Battle Manual (Beginner) x10
7th Day Medium Earth Gem x10 20th Day Battle Manual (Normal) x5
8th Day Medium Wind Gem x10 21st Day DMG Reduction Rune I x1
9th Day Medium Light Gem x10 22nd Day DMG Reduction Rune I x1
10th Day Medium Dark Gem x10 23th Day Training Amulet x3
11th Day Phantasm Gem x1000 24th Day Training Amulet x5
12th Day Large Fire Gem x10 25th Day Phantasm Gem x1000
13th Day Large Water Gem x10

By clearing event exclusive quests, you can get various items – Evol. Material for collab Heroes, collab Hero-exclusive EXP Orbs, Another Dimension’s Coins you can use in event shop.

Featured Sub Quest Rewards
BEASTARS Heroes-exclusive
Evolution Material
Another Dimension’s Coin
Phantasm Gem BEASTARS Orb (10000)
(You can repeat this quest)

*Sub quests will be unlocked by the the progress of event story quest.

To evolve your collab Heroes – Hal, Legoshi, and Rouis to 6★, you need special materials.
Clear quests from Hal, Legoshi, and Rouis to get these special evolution materials.
Please aware that these materials are NOT available after the collaboration event ends, so never forget to clear quests on-time.

Luxurious items are waiting for you in the Another Dimension’s Coin Shop.
Various items are lined up in this special store;5★ Main and Sub Equipment of Hal, time-limited Gessy Race’s Anima, Battle Manuals essencial for upgrading skills, and much more.
Another Dimension’s Coins can be earned by clearing event sub quests or defeating Beasts on the event area.

Featured Items
Hal’s 5★ Equipment (Limited Time) Gessy Race’s Anima x1
Awaken Rune II Training Amulet

*(Limited Time) Gessy Race’s Anima must be used within certain period. Refer to item detail for the time limit.

■Coin Shop is available until;
the scheduled maintenance on Mar 16

Featured Rewards
Anima (*1) Race’s Anima (*2)

* Purchase limit is refreshed daily.
*Talk to Event NPC for trading event Coins.
*1. Hero’s Anima lineup changes daily.
*2. Race’s Anima lineup changes daily from 6 races randomly.

■Coin Shop is available until;
the scheduled maintenance on Mar 16

Stats of Legoshi, Hal, and Rouis are increased in battles of the event field.
Proceed the event quests efficiently by training these event-limited Heroes!

While this collab event is ongoing, Gold for training Legoshi / Hal / Rouis is discounted!
Gold used for the following trainings is 70% off.

*Level UP
*Limit Break
*Equipment Training
*Skill Upgrade

Get EXP Orbs exclusive for BEASTARS characters – Hal, Legoshi, and Rouis as rewards of the following quests.
You can repeat these quest! Never miss the chance to level your characters up!

Quest Name Where to Get the Quest Rewards
The Cute Cook Jawokiki (Festival of the Meteor Area) BEASTARS Orb (10000) x100
Another Dimension’s Coin (500) x500

Six new collab outfits including Cherryton School Uniforms are on sale!
Get a Cherryton School Student ID as Login Bonus and exchange to event exclusive outfit!
Also, you can get these Cherryton School Student IDs from the Limited Shop.

Outfit Cherryton School Student ID
Littaria’s Festival of the Meteor Outfit One per item
Edda’s Cherryton School Uniform
Clevis’ Cherryton School Uniform
Jawokiki’s Gohin Outfit
(will be available from Feb 23, 12:00 am)
Lili’s Cherryton School Uniform
(will be available from Feb 23, 12:00 am)
Virginia’s Cherryton School Uniform
(will be available from Feb 23, 12:00 am)

*Exchange these outfits from following in-game route; MENU > Shop > Outfit.

■Coin Shop is available until;
the scheduled maintenance on Mar 16

Evolution costs for Heroes with collab outfits are 50% off!
Don’t miss the chance to evolve your Heroes!

Promotions for upgrading certain Beasts are live during the event period!
Don’t miss the chance to train your Beasts!

*Golds for evolving target Beasts: 50% off
*Golds for limit breaking target Beasts: 70% off
*Gems for evolution will drop regardless of their rarity

Lycaon Hyena Cat Fluffie
Tarantula Rattie Wolf
Rabbit Sandworm Bulkie
Bee Queen Bee Tsuchinoko
Deer Sylph Dog
Hermit Crab Echonut Flying Squirrel
Owl Owlbear Baby Wild Boar
Babirusa Salamander Salamandrine
Tree Frog Spider Hedgehog
Praying Mantis Sparrow Ant
Mole Dimorphodon Goldfish
Ermine Pleco Weasel
Tortoise Snowman Sculpin
Penguin Emperor Penguin Bear Cub
Grizzly White Bear Bambi
Undine Spriggan Octorian
Bluegill Giant Isopod Snowball
Black Bass Alligator Snapper

©Paru Itagaki(AKITASHOTEN)/BEASTARS Production Committee