Check out this new Step-Up loot with limited Heroes of BEASTARS collaboration event, Festival of the Meteor in Another World.
This loot can only be opened once per each step, from STEP 1 to 4.

This loot contains Heroes / Equipment / Anima of Heroes you can make your ally with Story Quests, Hal, and Legoshi!
Get Hal’s Anima x160 in total by opening all steps! and Hal’s Anima is GUARANTEED from STEP 1 to 3.
Moreover, 10 Anima is attached to ALL STEPS, and Equipment coming out from this loot is all 4 to 6★!
If you use all STEPs, you can get 160 Hull animas!


From the maintenance on Feb 16 to the maintenance on Mar 16 (estimated)


STEP 1: 1500 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes
STEP 2: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes
STEP 3: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes
STEP 4: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes

Bonuses of each step

120 Premium pt

Loot Drop Rate

STEP 1 to 4
◇ Equipment

◇ Heroes

◇ Anima


*You have to reach the [Port of Nero] with at least one race to open this loot box.
*Check details of each equipment’s skill from [Menu ⇒ Settings&Details ⇒ Other Menu ⇒ Library ⇒ Character you want to check] in game.
*If a Hero you already have comes out from a loot box, it will be automatically converted to the half amount of Anima required to unlock the Hero, except 1★ Heroes. 1★ Heroes will be converted into 10 Anima, not 5.
*Items of the same rarity has the same chances.
*Chance of Anima is not influenced by the rarity of Hero.
*Check the in-game lineup page to see what all this loot box contains.
*The schedule and content may change at any time.

©Paru Itagaki(AKITASHOTEN)/BEASTARS Production Committee