Check out our new Step Up Loot with three steps. Each step can be purchased orderly and only once.

This loot contains Heroes you can make your ally with Story Quests and their Equipment.
As its name says, lucrative bonuses are attached to every steps. Open this loot and get guaranteed Heroes!
STEP 1: One 3★ Hero
STEP 2: One 3★ Hero & One 4★ Hero
STEP 3: One 4★ Hero


From Apr 13, 12:00 am JST to the maintenance on Apr 20 (estimated)


STEP 1: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes
STEP 2: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes
STEP 3: 3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes

Bonuses of each step

  • STEP 1: 120 Premium pt + 5★ Equipment Ticket
  • STEP 2: 120 Premium pt + Gessy Race’s Anima x50
  • STEP 3: 120 Premium pt + Human Race’s Anima x50

  • Loot Drop Rate: from STEP 1 to 3

    ◇ Equipment

    ◇ Heroes


    *You have to reach the [Port of Nero] with at least one race to open this loot box.
    *Check details of each equipment’s skill from [Menu ⇒ Settings&Details ⇒ Other Menu ⇒ Library ⇒ Character you want to check] in game.
    *If a Hero you already have comes out from a loot box, it will be automatically converted to the half amount of Anima required to unlock the Hero, except 1★ Heroes. 1★ Heroes will be converted into 10 Anima, not 5.
    *Items of the same rarity has the same chances.
    *Check the in-game lineup page to see what all this loot box contains.
    *The schedule and content may change at any time.