Caravan Stories PlayStation®4 opens its doors on 4/18!

Welcome to the World of Caravan Stories PlayStation®4!
Everyone who took part in the open beta test will have their game and player data carry over into the live version of the game!

How to Play

Caravan Stories PlayStation®4 can be downloaded from the “PlayStation Store” for free.
*The PS4® version runs on separate servers from the PC and Smartphone versions.
*Player and game data from the PC/Smartphone version will not be usable on the PS4® version.

Differences with the Open Beta Test

With the release of the full game, you are now able to use the “PlayStation Store”.
Available Items on the “PlayStation Store”
  • Phantasm Gem
  • Gold
  • Monthly Bargain Packs

  • Event information

    Refer to “Latest News” for Updated information.

    We hope you enjoy the world of Caravan Stores PlayStation®4!
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