Caravan Stories PlayStation®4 Grand Release Promotions

Promotion Details

To celebrate Caravan Stories PlayStation®4 Grand Release, we’re running a Twitter Promotion!
Share in-game shots of scenery with our hashtags, #キャラストPS4 #PS4 during the promotion period.
One winner will get 5,000 Phantasm Gems.
10 users get a double chance for 1000 Phantasm Gems! Don’t miss out!

Promotion Period

2019/4/18 (Thu) JST 1:00am to 2019/4/24 (Wed) JST 11:59pm

How to Participate

Step 1
Follow the official Twitter account (CaravanPS4)
Step 2
Share in-game shots of scenery with our hashtags, #キャラストPS4 #PS4.

Prize Distribution Date

2019/4/25 (Thu) JST 5:00pm (Estimated)


*For anyone that does not currently have a Twitter account, please note that you will not be able to take part in this promotion.
*Rewards will be distributed to everyone who has installed Caravan Stories PlayStation® 4 and finished their first-time launch of the game.
*Accounts set to Private will be excluded from the drawing.
*Only attach one screenshot per each submission.
*Only the winners will be contacted through Twitter’s Direct Message feature from the official Caravan Stories for PlayStation® 4 Twitter account.
*Please understand that we are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding entries into this promotion.
*Only submissions that have not been submitted anywhere else before and are created by the submitter themselves are allowed.
*Once the period of time to accept the reward is over, you will no longer be able to receive it.
*The reward itself may change without notice.
*This promotion may change or be canceled without notice.
*Any internet connection or data fees incurred by participating in this promotion are to be the responsibility of the participant.

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