Naraku Level is opened!
Explore underground dungeon appeared under the Free City Nero!
Dungeon-unique Beasts and rare items are waiting for you!

Look forward to the brand new difficulty level, Hardcore!

  • Event Period
  • From the maintenance on Sep 21 to the maintenance on Oct 3 (estimated)

    Go the Distance in Naraku Level

  • About Naraku Level
  • The event dungeon, Naraku Level consists of 27 underground floors. The deeper you go, the stronger your enemies and the richer rewards will be waiting for you.
    1st to 3rd floor are Beginner, 5th to 7th are Normal, 9th to 12th are Veteran, 14th to 17th are Master, 19th to 22nd are Extreme, and 24th to 27th are Hardcore level.
    By defeating the Floor Boss in each difficulty level, you can unlock Normal, Veteran, Area Boss, Master, Extreme, Hardcore level and then the Area Boss.

  • Entrance Limit
  • You need Sphera to enter the dungeon. Entrance to the dungeon is limited for 3 times a day.
    You can also start your challenge straight from Normal, Veteran, Master, Extreme, or Hardcore, level after defeating the Floor Boss of the corresponding level.
    Move to the Warp Point from Free City Nero to start your challenge from Normal, Veteran, Master, Extreme , or Hardcore level.

    Sphera needed for each difficulty level and recommended BP

    Difficulty Sphera Needed Recommended BP
    Beginner 10 Above 50000
    Normal 20 Above 75000
    Veteran 30 Above 120000
    Master 40 Above 160000
    Extreme 50 Above 200000
    Hardcore 60 Above 220000

    *There’s a time limit of 10 minutes.
    *You can extend your stay in the dungeon by spending more Sphera when choosing a difficulty level.

  • About Gimmicks
  • Special gimmicks await you at Naraku Level.
    Solve puzzles of the dungeon to proceed!

    Defeat Rare Beasts for Lucrative Rewards!

    Rare Beasts or Floor Bosses reside in this dungeon.
    Defeat those strong Beasts to get rare and lucrative items for your characters.
    They even drop special packs only available in this dungeon.

    Featured Rewards
    3★ Accessory Special Rune I Training Amulet

    Treasure Stone Rare Beasts
    Evolution Gem
    Special Rune I
    Awaken Rune I – II
    Ancient Medal
    Labyrinth’s Perfume Bag
    Labyrinth’s Big Perfume Bag
    Ancient Medal
    Floor Boss Area Boss
    Special Rune I
    Awaken Rune I – II
    Training Amulet
    Ancient Medal
    Labyrinth’s Beast Equipment Pack
    Labyrinth’s Perfume Bag
    Labyrinth’s Big Perfume Bag
    Training Amulet
    Ancient Medal

    In rare cases, Treasure Stone appears after encountering normal enemies.
    It drops Evolution Gems according to the difficulty level; Small Gems at the Beginner level, Medium Gems at Normal, Large Gems above Veteran.

  • About Beast Equipment Pack
  • Using it will grant you Equipment of random Beast.
    Labyrinth’s 5★ Beast’s Equipment Pack drops in rare chance, and Beast’s 5★ Equipment is guaranteed in this pack.

  • About Labyrinth’s Perfume Bag
  • Using it will grant you Perfume of random ability.
    Labyrinth’s Big Perfume Bag drops in rare chance, and 3★ Perfume is guaranteed in this pack.

  • Effect of the Leader Skill [Fortune]
  • Please note that the leader skill [Fortune]’s effect changes as following in the Naraku Level.
    As a skill effect, Ancient Medal x1 drops additionally at 10% chance.
    Effective to every Beasts in Naraku Level.

    Clear Sub Quests!

    Clear sub quests waiting for you inside the dungeon, and get luxurious rewards such as Phantasm Gems and Ancient Medals!

    Featured Rewards of Sub Quest
    Phantasm Gems Ancient Medals
    Event Shop

    Exchange your Ancient Medals earned from defeating Beasts or rewards of sub quests in the event-limited shop.

    Featured Items (trade limit)
    Labyrinth’s Big Perfume Bag (once) Special Rune I (once per each item)
    Battle Manual (Veteran) (three times) Training Amulet (five times)

    There are also other items, such as Awaken Runes! Check in-game shop for more details!

    Trade Period

    Until the maintenance on Oct 3 (estimated)
    *Ancient Medal will be DELETED after the event period.

  • Notes
  • *Event schedules or details may change without notice.