Open this loot step by step from 1 to 5 only once each, only available with Paid Phantam Gems!
This loot contains Equipment / Heroes / Anima of selected Heroes ONLY, and Anima x20 Lined Up!
One Hero is guaranteed for ALL Step, and even a 5★ Equip. Ticket is attached as a bonus on STEP 5!

This loot contains following Heroes;
Willow Arman Beargirl Canal
Helmondus Zonkaka


From Jan 26, 12:00 am PT to the maintenance on Feb 1 (estimated)


  • STEP 1: 150 Paid Phantasm Gems for 5 boxes
  • STEP 2: 300 Paid Phantasm Gems for 5 boxes
  • STEP 3: 500 Paid Phantasm Gems for 5 boxes
  • STEP 4: 750 Paid Phantasm Gems for 5 boxes
  • STEP 5: 1000 Paid Phantasm Gems for 5 boxes

  • Bonuses of each step

  • STEP 1 to 4: 120 Premium pt
  • STEP 5: 120 Premium pt + 5★ Equip. Ticket x2

  • Loot Drop Rate from STEP 1 to 5

    Equipment Heroes Anima
    From 1st to 4th Box 6★・・・0.2%
    5th Box 5★・・・100%


    *You have to reach the [Port of Nero] with at least one race to open this loot box.
    *Check details of each equipment’s skill from [Menu ⇒ Settings&Details ⇒ Other Menu ⇒ Library ⇒ Character you want to check] in game.
    *If a Hero you already have comes out from a loot box, it will be automatically converted to the half amount of Anima required to unlock the Hero.
    *Items of the same rarity has the same chances.
    *Check the in-game lineup page to see what all this loot box contains.
    *The schedule and content may change at any time.