Bingo Event is Live!
We are giving presents to every adventurers of Iyarr, according to the accomplished bingo lines!
Let’s work together to make bingo!

  • Period
  • Until the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Sep 25th (estimated)

  • Who will get rewards
  • Users who logged in until the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Sep 25th will get rewards.

  • Reward Distribution
  • Rewards will be distributed after the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Sep 25th (estimated)

  • Details
  • Rewards
    Bingo Lines Rewards
    One Line Awaken Rune I x3
    Two Lines Battle Manual (Beginner) x3
    Three Lines Phantasm Gem x250
    Four Lines Stamina Analepticum ×5
    Five Lines 2★ Freezing Cannon x1
    Six Lines Gold Dungeon Ticket x1
    Seven Lines Phantasm Gem x250
    Eight Lines EXP Dungeon Ticket x1
    All Lines Phantasm Gem x250

  • How to see Progress
  • We will update our notice on every 11pm PT. (Japanese business days only)
    *There will be no updates on Japanese weekends & holidays.

    Misson Details & Progess [Sep 12th updated]
    Let’s join the Party!
    Accomplished 4,383/20,000
    Percent 21.92%
    Let’s challenge Raid!
    Accomplished 191/100
    Percent 191.00%
    Let’s use Phantasm Gems!
    Accomplished 17,222/30,000
    Percent 57.41%
    Let’s use EXP Orbs!
    Accomplished 212,544/1,000,000
    Percent 21.25%
    Let’s battle!
    Accomplished 45,795/300,000
    Percent 15.27%
    Let’s upgrade Caravan Interior Facilities!
    Accomplished 27,492/100,000
    Percent 27.49%
    Let’s buy something from Peddler!
    Accomplished 1,082/30,000
    Percent 3.61%
    Let’s tweet with #CSbingo!
    Accomplished 1/100
    Percent 1.00%
    Let’s register Caravan Posts!
    Accomplished 35,789/200,000
    Percent 17.89%
Mission Progress