Ie Island Collaboration Event is live!

Caravan Stories X Ie Island Collaboration!
Visit Ie Island, a beautiful remote island in Okinawa region in Caravan Stories!

Event Period
How to Participate
Collaboration Limited Hero [Gao]
Collect Ie Island Coins
Ie Island Collaboration Event Login Bonuses [2nd Round Started!]
How to Enjoy the Event
Ticket Shop [Sep 25th Lineup Updated!]
Difficult Quests
Unique Beasts of Ie Island
Level Up Your Heroes, Beasts, and Caravan in Ie Island

*Some of the Beasts might appear in other areas afterwards.

Event Period

Until the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, Oct 9th (estimated)

How to Participate

You can reach Ie Island by talking to Polka in Free City Nero and the first city of each race.
Find Polka with the Polka Icon displayed on the Minimap!

Where You Can Start Your Journey
  • The Imperial City of Valmuer (Human)
  • Fort Dogaa (Ork)
  • Milworth (Dwarf)
  • Aleia (Elf)
  • Free City Nero

  • After paying visit Ie Island, you can warp to there by selecting [Event] button displayed on the Minimap!
    Find the Tour Guide!

    Talking to a tour guide on Ie Island will allow you to go on a tour (Warp) to different areas of Ie Island.
    Find a tour guide using the Compass icon on the Minimap and try talking to one.
    *Clearing the Arrival at Ie Island quest will make it so you can take these tours.

    Tour Guide will lead you to more spots as you proceed Gao’s Story Quest!

    Collaboration Limited Hero [Gao]

    The only way to make Gao, our new Hero, your ally is to go through Ie Island Collaboration Event.
    Gao’s Story takes place on Ie Island. The story proceeds as you raise Gao.
    The first thing to do in Ie Island is to make Gao your ally!

    Gao’s Detail
    Unlock the First 6★ Evolution with Gao!
    A Trickster who summons 3 Dodos whose strength is directly linked to the hero’s rising stats.
    Combine this with the Active Skill’s ability to increase Skill Levels and you’ll be able to spawn 3 Dodos who can Provoke with high HP and defense!

    Hero Attribute Role Initial Rarity

    Skills change as below when you equip ★5 Main / Sub Equipments.
    ★5 Main Equipment
    ★4 ★5

    ★5 Sub Equipment
    ★4 ★5

    Gao’s 6★ Evolution Item

    You can progress through Gao’s story without completing Story Quest 4 – The Power of the Ancient Dragon.
    Progress to “Speak with Mauricius at Wajii!” in your Quest List and you’ll be able to obtain the required items for the 6★ Evolution.
    ■ Notes
    During the Ie Island event, you will be able to obtain the specific items required for the 6★ Evolution, but you won’t be able to gather the Anima required for it.
    Talk to Gao in the Caravan, or use Race Anima or the Anima Converter to steadily gather the required Anima.
    *You can’t proceed Gao’s Story Quest after the Collaboration period.
    *Gao will not appear in any loot boxes during the Collaboration period.

    Crafting Gao’s Equipment

    Unlike other Heroes, you need unique Materials to make Gao’s Equipments.
    These Materials with high rarity(2~3★) are abundant in Ie Island.
    Collect Materials to craft Gao’s equipments!

    The Smithing Lab Caravan Facility must be placed in order to create equipment.
    Also, the chance you have to get high rarity equipment will increase when you upgrade the Smithing Lab facility’s level.
    It’s easy to enhance your Caravan on Ie Island where you can get a lot of materials!

    Collect Ie Island Coins

    Talking to NPCs with a Quest icon shown above them on Ie Island will let you accept event only quests.
    You’ll be rewarded with Ie Island Coins for clearing these quests, which can be traded to the Island Peddlers for various items.
    Don’t forget to use these rewards because you can use them to get quite a solid lineup of items, such as Gao’s Equipment, all kinds of Gems, and Anima for certain heroes.

    Win in Ie Island Colosseum
    NPC Colosseum is held in Ie Island.
    You can get luxurious rewards, including a lot of Colosseum Points by winning the NPC.

    *NPC is located in Southwest Ie.
    *You can proceed NPC Colosseum quest only after you’ve cleared Colosseum Tutorial in Main Story Quest.

    Go to Coin Shop

    If your pocket is full of Ie Island Coins, go to the Coin Shop!
    You can exchange Island Coins into various items from Island Peddler.

  • Products Lineup
  • Item(s) Coins Purchase Limit
    Whale Shark 4★ (*) 5000 1
    Okinawa Rail 4★ (*) 3000 1
    Odorous Frog 4★ (*) 3000 1
    Ryukyu Leaf Turtle 4★ (*) 3000 1
    Island Mystery Pack 1000 100
    Gao’s 3★ Main Equipment x1 1500 1
    Gao’s 3★ Sub Equipment x1 1500 1
    Coconut Crab’s 4★ Main Equipment x1 3000 1
    Habu’s 4★ Main Equipment x1 1000 1
    Dodo’s 4★ Main Equipment x1 3000 1
    Medium Fire Gem x1 100 80
    Medium Water Gem x1 100 80
    Medium Earth Gem x1 100 80
    Medium Wind Gem x1 100 80
    Medium Light Gem x1 100 80
    Medium Dark Gem x1 100 80
    Crystal x1000 100 40
    Gao’s Equipment Blueprint x1 30

    *You can’t clear [Make ○○ an ally] sub quests by purchasing the Beasts from Event Coin Shop.

  • Island Mystery Pack
  • Open Island Mystery Packs and get various items at random chance – Gao’s Anima, Training Amulets, Large Gems, and more!

    Gao’s Anima
    Training Amulet
    Large Gems

  • Meet Island Peddler
  • Meet Island Peddler in Ie Island.
    Shop lineup and purchase limit are refreshed daily. Check the lineup and get the items you need!

    Item(s) Coins Purchase Limit
    Heroes’ Anima A x2 200 1
    Heroes’ Anima B x2 200 1
    EXP Orb 3000 x1 50 10
    Stamina Analepticum x1 100 3
    Iron Hammer (Main) x1 150 3
    Iron Hammer (Sub) x1 150 3

    *Available Hero Anima will be chosen at random from a set of heroes.

    Ie Island Collaboration Event Login Bonuses

    In celebration of Ie Island Collaboration Event, we are holding the Second special login bonus promotion.
    Special bonus includes helpful items for upgrading Gao.
    Don’t forget to login daily!

    • Period
    • From Thursday, Sep 26th 12:00am PT to Wednesday, Oct 9th 11:59pm PT (estimated)

      Login No. Rewards Login No. Rewards
      1st Day Battle Manual (Beginner) x10 8th Day Ie Island Coin ×1000
      2nd Day EXP Dungeon Ticket x1 9th Day EXP Dungeon Ticket x1
      3rd Day Gold Dungeon Ticket x1 10th Day Gold Dungeon Ticket x1
      4th Day Medium Earth Gem x10 11th Day Battle Manual (Beginner) x10
      5th Day Ie Island Coin ×1000 12th Day Awaken Rune II x1
      6th Day Gao’s Anima ×5 13th Day Gao’s Anima ×5
      7th Day Phantasm Gem x250 14th Day Phantasm Gem x250
      *The login promotion ends when you receive all rewards within the period.

      How to Enjoy the Event

      Some enemies will use the Heatstroke status effect in battle during Ie Island’s everlasting summer.
      Heroes afflicted with Heatstroke will have their HP reduced, putting them at an extreme disadvantage in battle.
      The amount of HP reduced by Heatstroke will also be different depending on the enemy that applied it.

      An effective method of dealing with Heatstroke is to use heroes with the Heatstroke Resistance Passive Skill, or through outfits that offer Heatstroke Resistance.

      Units with the Heatstroke Resistance
      Gao Okinawa Rail Wild Bengal Cat Habu
      Odorous Frog Dodo Ryukyu Leaf Turtle Whale Shark
      Prepare for the Heatstroke with the new outfit, Swimsuit!

      Heroes with certain outfits can have a resistance to the Heatstroke status effect.
      Form your party around heroes with Heatstroke Resistance so you can make it through the battles on Ie Island alive!

      *The Heatstroke Resistance given by certain outfits is applied just by owning the outfit.

      How to get Swimsuits

      You can get Swimsuits from the Ticket Shop.
      Check Ticket Shop for shop lineup and more details.

      Leader Skill

      In Ie Island, Leader Skills of Gessy Race is effective.

      Ticket Shop

      You can trade Ie Island Exchange Ticket into various useful items, including Gao’s Anima and Event exclusive outfits.
      Visit the store from Menu > Shop > Event.

      Lineup [Sep 25th Updated!]
      Item(s) Required Tickets Purchase Limit
      1 1
      Beach Gunslinger
      1 1
      Dark Princess
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Summery Se
      1 1
      Dreamy Coat
      1 1
      Dreamy Coat
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Summertime War-mode
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Test of Courage Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Swimsuit Outfit
      1 1
      Gao’s ★5 Main Equipment x1 5 1
      Gao’s ★5 Sub Equipment x1 5 1
      Human Avatar
      1 1
      Ork Avatar
      1 1
      Dwarf Avatar
      1 1
      Elf Avatar
      1 1
      Gessy Avatar
      1 1
      Gao’s Anima x10 1 5
      Training Amulet x4 1 10
      Large Earth Gem x5 1 5

      *You can also get Gao’s ★5 Main and Sub Equipments for event quest rewards.
      *Ticket Shop Lineup will be updated within Collaboration event period.

      How to get Tickets

      You can get tickets by purchasing them from MENU > Shop > Limited Time Shop or by clearing certain difficult quests in the island.

      Difficult Quests

      A group of ladies in an extremely bad mood appeared in Ie Island.
      Listen to their story.
      With their furious rage, the battle quests’ difficulty is at the highest level.
      Join the party or other user’s battle and clear the quest together!

      Quest Details
      Quests How to Get the Quest Rewards
      Stronger the Light, Deeper the Shadow *Clear Gao’s 3rd Story quest.
      *Make Edda an ally in Story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island at in-game night time, and talk to NPC Melah at the island.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Edda’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1
      New Summertime Popsicle Mode *Clear Gao’s 3rd Story quest.
      *Make Molly an ally in Story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island and talk to NPC Molly.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Molly’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1
      OUR Song *Clear Gao’s 2nd Story quest.
      *Make Rolomeu, Mimi, and Amelia an ally in Story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island and talk to Rolomeu INSIDE YOUR CARAVAN.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Amelia’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1
      Nightmares Never Sleep *Clear Gao’s 2nd Story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island at in-game night time, and talk to NPC Pollux at the island.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Marion’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1
      Silent Irene *Make Gao an ally in event story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island at in-game day time, and talk to NPC Irene at the island.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Irene’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1
      Sunbathing? *Make Gao an ally in event story quest.
      *Visit Ie Island at in-game night time, and talk to NPC Veronica at the island.
      Ie Island Coin ×3000
      Veronica’s Anima x5
      Ie Island Exchange Ticket ×1

      Recruit Unique Beasts of Ie Island!

      There are plenty of unique Beasts in Ie Island.
      Make them your ally and upgrade their power!

      Tameable Ie Island Unique Beasts
      Okinawa Rail
      Light Attribute Beast with 4 Costs and can be freely placed.
      It can be a great counter for Dark Attribute units placed deep inside Enemy’s territory, such as Zonelli.
      One of the endangered species only living in Yanbaru region of Okinawa Prefecture.
      Wild Bengal Cat
      A cat inflicting Darkness to enemies.
      Both Normal and Active Skill deals M-ATK and inflicts Darkness.
      There are many nicknames for this natural treasure protected species; Iriomote Wild Cat, Yamapikarya, Yamamaya, .etc.
      Ryukyu Leaf Turtle
      A Earth Attribute turtle specializing in attack.
      Both Normal and Active Skill can attack multiple enemies in range.
      A natural treasure protected species with beautiful red body.
      Whale Shark
      Its Normal Skill can draw enemies to itself and attack.
      Its Active Skill summons Shark Suckers.
      Shark Suckers heals one ally’s HP. Whale Shark and Shark Suckers are all Flying type, so it can be a pain in the neck to the enemies in Duels.
      It is known to be the biggest marine life.
      A snake specializes in Poison compared to other snakes.
      Extremely powerful allyagainst enemies with high HP Bleed Resistence.
      According to the locals of Okinawa, it is very helpful animal if only it hadn’t the poison.
      Odorous Frog
      The Poison Dart Frog with damage over time is specialized in preventing enemies from moving with Stun/Sleep, and the Confusion it inflicts on death.
      It is said to be the most beautiful frog in Japan.
      It provokes enemies inside the circle.
      Also, its attack against Tower is strong.
      Real Dodo had no natural enemies around, so it went extinct upon the invasion of alien species.
      Dodo, the bird calling for happiness

      Dodo rarely and randomly appears in Ie Island.
      Dodo is endangered rare species of Ie Island.
      Also extremely hard to tame. Challenge taming it when you see Dodo!

      Dodo gives great amount of Ie Island Coins!
      Even if you failed taming it, you’ll still get a lot of Coins!

      *You can’t get Ie Island Coins from Dodo appears in Gao’s Story Quest or Dodo summoned by enemy character.
      *Dodo’s appearing point is random.

      Level Up Your Heroes, Beasts, and Caravan in Ie Island

      EXP earned from fighting Beasts on Ie Island is boosted beyond what you get in normal battles.
      Use the Autoplay features in the game to level up your Beast allies on Ie Island with ease!
      Your Caravan must be the appropriate level to tame Beasts of differing rarities.
      Leveling up the facilities in your Caravan will also increase the EXP required for raising the Caravan’s level.
      There’s a lot of the materials needed to level your Caravan’s facilities spawning all over Ie Island, so you better get started adventuring to gather as much as you can!

      There are plenty of pleasure and joy waiting for you in the Ie Island!
      Login Bonuses and Ticket Shop will be updated. You are going to love it!
      Enjoy your summer vacation in Ie Island, Iyarr!