Meet Solveig, the head of Solveig family and the ruler of Elf from Legend Loot Box.
Solveig’s Active Skill can summon three Manticores, which area-of-effect attacks and can sweep up Beasts or large numbers of enemies.. His Passive Skill adds his HP for each Elf Hero in the party, which makes him useful in both field battles and Duels.

Chance of Heroes & equipments of Solveig, Polmul, and Misakura is increased in this Legend box.
Moreover, 4★+ Equipment is guaranteed, and the chance of equipments of Solveig, Polmul, and Misakura is UP in the 10th box.
Three days limited loot! Don’t miss the chance to get your Legendary Hero!

*If a Hero you already have comes out from a loot box, it will be automatically converted to Anima.
*You have to reach the [Port of Nero] with at least one race to open this loot box.


From Friday, Nov 29 12:00 am PT to Sunday, Dec 1 11:59 pm PT (estimated)


3000 Phantasm Gems for 10 boxes


120 Premium pt


Hero Attribute Role Initial Rarity

*Manticores summoned by Solveig in Hero’s Trial are customized only for Hero’s Trial, and different from Manticores summoned by an ally Solveig.
His Normal Skill includes restricting enemy recovery by inflicting a curse on a range centered on himself, and his Active Skill is used to summon 3 Manticores.

Main/Sub 5★ Equipments of Solveig

Skills change as below when you equip 5★ Main / Sub Equipments.
 Solveig [Spirit King’s Royal Staff]
★4 ★5

Summoned Manticores’ stat goes up.

 Solveig [Spirit King’s Tiara]
★4 ★5

Extends the effect time of Curse debuff. Also cuts Recovery of enemies, while reflecting part of the damage taken.


Hero Attribute Role Initial Rarity

With his Active Skill, he can summon Golden Stones with Charm & Self-Destruct!
Leveling his Active Skill up to 5 will shorten the charge time!

Main/Sub 5★ Equipments of the Polmul

Skills change as below when you equip 5★ Main / Sub Equipments.
 Polmul [Ancient Scepter]
★4 ★5

The power of Golden Stone’s Active Skill boosts up.

 Polmul [Ancient Crown]
★4 ★5

Power boosts up.

Details of Misakura

Hero Attribute Role Initial Rarity
Magic Knight

All of her shadow clones can inflict Bleed, which is really powerful in Field battles!
Her clones also do quite well against opponents with single target attacks so you can expect great things in the Colosseum/Duels!

Main/Sub 5★ Equipments of Misakura

Skills change as below when you equip 5★ Main / Sub Equipments.
 Misakura [Dual Angle Sword “Thunder Roll”]
4★ 5★

The summoned Misakura’s stats are magnified, allowing the creation of an even more powerful group of Misakura.

 Misakura [“Dark Fox” Angel Decor]
4★ 5★

She can inflict enemies she comes into contact with M-DEF debuff.
*Only the main body of Misakura can inflict M-DEF debuff. Her clones are not effected by 5★ Equipment, and inable to inflict debuff to enemies.

Loot Drop Rate




*Items of the same rarity has the same chances.
* 4★+ Equipment is guaranteed on the 10th Box.
*Check the in-game lineup page to see what all this loot box contains.
*The schedule, duration, and content of maintenance may change at any time.