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Live for the journey! CARAVAN STORIES



    Play for Free Right Now!


    Begin your journey through a never-ending fantasy world across many different races!

    There are many beings living in the fantastic world of Iyarr.
    Those who fly, those who walk, those who leap, and those who prowl.
    Form bonds with the many beings living in Iyarr from the back of your magical fortress, the Caravan.
    Challenge the mysterious Enigma — an enemy to all!


    Six Allies of Different Races,
    An Interwoven Story


    Co-op, PvP, solo — battle it out your way!

    • Skill

      Time the use of your skills well to gain a chance at victory in battle

    • Raid

      When the skies open up, gather your allies and confront the massive bosses

    • Duel

      Aim for the top in this tower defense with a twist!


    Train your characters how you want in the more than ample system set

    • Beast

      Make allies with over 100 different species of Beasts to be discovered

    • Time

      The scenery changes depending on what time it is — morning, noon, evening, or night

    • Caravan

      Customize your Caravan to be your very own, and set off on an adventure

    ControlsHow to Play

    Use a controller to move around and use your skills however you wish



    Toughened flesh and a fierce will to battle.
    This race considers defeating powerful enemies to be the highest honor, and they find all forms of weakness disgusting.


    Watchers of the forests, prideful of their magical abilities.
    Elves are said to descend from the ages of the gods, and their self-confident grace goes hand in hand with this lineage.
    They've used the high magics since time immemorial which contributes to their apparent mastery.


    The most common race in the world of Iyarr.
    Generally industrious and daring, their zealous self-temperament won't allow them to walk in the shadows of the other races.
    They tend to have a strong sense of fellowship and place importance on their families, but the differences between individual personalities can be quite large depending on their environment and the circumstances of their birth.


    A race comprised of humanoid beasts.
    They have large eyes and a wealth of fur, and while there are individual differences in strength, the Gessy do generally have a keenness to them akin to that of a wild animal.


    Short in stature but fairly tough craftsmen who take pride in their work.
    Dwarves boast a toughness that defies the imagination despite their lack of height.
    They do have uniquely skillful hands, but they are known to be a rather eccentric and blunt race.


    A race with a smaller population than most, with not even a tenth of the Humans or Dwarves.
    They've been historically detested as a "cursed race" due to their reptilian appearance. They are, at present, living quiet lives in their own territory.



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