Ie Island Lily Festival collaboration event is live!
This event is filled with abundant features – event-limited map filled with beautiful lilies and the revival of Ie Island limited Beasts, new event stories, world team-up event and so on!

■Event Period
From the end of scheduled maintenance on Apr 30 to the scheduled maintenance on May 28 (estimated)

How to reach Ie Island

(1) Go to Free City Nero.
(2) Talk to the Polka standing at the sight following;


Event Story
The event story is based on the Ie Island folklore.
Explore the fantastic story of Makatu, an Undine girl of the island.
Featured Rewards of the Event Story
GW Special Trade Ticket Philosopher’s Stone Fragment

You can move to the Wellspring Sanctuary from the North Ie after clearing the 3rd event story, [I do like… Ie Soda? (2/5)].
Get Phantasm Gems and Coins from Sub Quest!
By complishing sub quests, you can earn extravagant rewards such as Phantasm Gems, Lily Coins and so on!
Featured Sub Quest Rewards
Phantasm Gem Lily Coin

Lily Coin Shop

Earn Lily Coins by defeating Beasts or clearing sub quests, and trade your Coins into various items!
Featured Items (trade limit)
GW Special Trade Ticket (x1) Each Anima (x20)

■Coin Shop is available until;
Until the scheduled maintenance on May 28 (estimated)

Daily Coin Shop

Purchase limit is refreshed daily in Daily Coin Shop!
Visit the shop to see the daily lineup – Hero’s Anima, Race’s Anima, .etc!
*Trade Lily Coins to Event NPC, Island Peddler.

Featured Items (trade limit)
Hero’s Anima (*1) Race’s Anima (*2)

■Coin Shop is available until;
Until the scheduled maintenance on May 28 (estimated)

*Purchase limit is refreshed daily.
*1. Some hero’s Anima lineup changes daily.
*2. Race’s Anima lineup changes daily, one out of 6 races randomly.
Unique Beasts of Ie Island

You can meet some of the previous Ie Island event’s Beasts from this event!

Gold required for Limit Break and Evolution is 50% off for the Beasts appear in the event area.
*Event limited beasts can’t evolve into 6★.


Whale Shark Dodo Habu
Okinawa Rail Rabbit Marine Iguana
Sea Slug Hermit Crab Grown Tadpole
Beetle Calappa Giant Isopod
Cetus Bat Shiva
Sylph Diplocaulus Cat
Butterfly Bee Hercules Beetle
Coconut Crab Rattie Mariner

Beasts in the event area drops 5★ evolution gem by chance!
Don’t miss the chance to evolve your Beasts!
Chance to Upgrade Target Heroes!

Enjoy the sub quests with Lili, Hollande, and Philomena.
Get their Anima and Race’s Anima by clearing their event sub quests and Coin Shop, Login Bonuses!


Clear the Ie Island 4th Event Story [Sayonara, Ie Island. We’ll be back!]
Clear the Philomena’s 2nd Story
Philomena’s Anima ×30
Each Race’s Anima×3


Clear the Ie Island 4th Event Story [Sayonara, Ie Island. We’ll be back!]
Clear the Lili’s 4th Story
Lili’s Anima ×30
Each Race’s Anima×3


Clear the Ie Island 2nd Event Story [The Shadow Creeping Up on Makatu].
Clear the Hollande’s 2nd Story
Hollande’s Anima ×30
Each Race’s Anima×3
Get Items for 6★ Evolution!

Get GW Special Trade Tickets from Golden Week Login Bonuses and Spring Ie Island Lily Festival Event!
By receiving all the trade tickets given throughout the event period will get you enough Sphera Fragments and Sphera Boards to evolve one Hero to 6★.
Don’t miss the chance to make 6★ Heroes!
*GW Special Trade Tickets will be distributed as followings; 3 tickets from the Golden Week Login Bonus, 3 tickets from the Spring Ie Island Lily Festival.

Check out the materials needed

GW Trade Ticket Shop

Item(s) Amount GW Ticket(s)
Red Sky Sphera Fragment 20 each One per item
Purple Clouds Sphera Fragment
Turquoise Seas Sphera Fragment
Blue Skies Sphera Fragment
Yellow Ochre Sphera Fragment
Black Darkness Sphera Fragment
Ebullience Sphera Board
Indignation Sphera Board
Lamentation Sphera Board
Awe Sphera Board
Approving Sphera Board
Astonishing Sphera Board

■Coin Shop is available until;
Until the scheduled maintenance on May 28 (estimated)

Login Bonuses

In celebration of the Event, we are holding a special login bonus promotion!
Get max. 3000 Phantasm Gems by just logging in daily! Never miss this chance!

■Login Bonus is distributed until;
May 26, 11:59pm JST
*The login promotion ends when you receive all rewards within the period.

Login No. Rewards Login No. Rewards
1st Day Hollande’s Anima x10 12th Day DMG Increase Rune I x1
2nd Day Gold Dungeon Ticket x1 13th Day Medium Earth Gem x10
3rd Day Medium Earth Gem x10 14th Day Phantasm Gem x1000
4th Day Beast Capture Rate x3 x3 15th Day Wisdom Rune I x1
5th Day EXP Dungeon Ticket x1 16th Day Beast Capture Rate x5 x1
6th Day DMG Reduction Rune I x1 17th Day Philomena’s Anima x10
7th Day Phantasm Gem x500 18th Day Phantasm Gem x500
8th Day Battle Manual (Beginner) x10 19th Day Awaken Rune II x1
9th Day Lili’s Anima x10 20th Day Millet Bullet x5
10th Day Awaken Rune I x5 21st Day Phantasm Gem x1000
11th Day EXP Rate x3 x3
Event Limited Title
Get event limited Title by meeting the conditions below;

*Clear the Philomena’s Hero Sub Quests
*Clear the Ie Island 4th Event Story [Sayonara, Ie Island. We’ll be back!]
*Clear the Lili’s Hero Sub Quests
*Clear the Hollande’s Hero Sub Quests