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Guild Event: Orders to Take the Fort[May 29 updated]
Tribal War starting from May 19, 10:00am JST

Guild Event: Orders to Take the Fort is live!
Make entry to the Tribal War from May 19, 10:00am JST to May 22, 1:00am JST,
and participate in Tribal War and fight a battle to get Philosopher’s Stone Fragment!
You can get Philosopher’s Stone by fusing 10 Philosopher’s Stone Fragments!
Join the Tribal War to get luxurious rewards!

[May 29 updated]
As a compensation of Tribal War error and according Guild Event error in May 29, we have distributed items to every Adventurer who logged in during the Guild Event period.
You can find your compensation items from your Present Box.

If the items are not in your Present Box, please re-login.

  • Event Details
  • Challenging Tribal War during the event period will net you [Event Points].
    The more Event Points you earn, the better the rewards.
    *The battle schedule and details of the event may change without notice.

  • Period
  • From the maintenance on May 14 to May 27, 11:59pm JST (estimated)

  • How to earn Event Points
  • Missions Points
    Enter the Tribal War
    (one time only)
    Join the defense MAP
    (one time only)
    Particitape in the Tribal War
    (you can repeat this quest)
    *You can automatically accept the event mission by unlocking Multi-mode.

  • Rewards
  • Get Philosopher’s Stone Fragment and Phantasm Gems as individual rewards.
    As Ranking Rewards, Philosopher’s Stone Fragment and Gold Nuggets are prepared. Don’t miss the chance!

    For further details, refer to the in-game as following;
    Menu > Guild > Event > [Confirm] of the ongoing event > treasure box icon
    Check out ranking rewards from the Guild Accumulation.
    Individual rewards can be seen from the Earned Points.

    *Individual rewards will be sent to your present box once you meet the conditions.
    *Ranking rewards will be distributed according to the rank of your guild. The rank will be determined by the sum of you and your guild member’s event points.
    *Ranking rewards will be sent to your present box after the event ends.
    *Guild ranking is processed right after the event period. Make sure you don’t leave the Guild until the rewards are sent.

    What is Tribal War?

    Tribal War is large scale battles which recreate the historical Great War of Iyarr where the four Races (Humans/Orks/Dwarves/Elves) fought in their respective armies.
    Players battle in groups comprised of 20 people with guild members receiving matching preference.
    Conquer the defensive map surrounding the enemy’s army to open a path to victory in the great battle!
    Check [Help] for Tribal War rules.


    Entry Phase
    From May 19, 10:00am JST to May 22, 1:00am JST
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
    From May 22, 10:00am JST to May 23, 1:00am JST From May 23, 10:00am JST to May 24, 1:00am JST From May 24, 10:00am JST to May 25, 1:00am JST

    Adventurers who want to participate in the Tribal War should make application during the entry period, and set their defense deck.


    Season Rewards

    You can get different rewards based on Round win records.

    Win Count Rewards
    3 wins Perfume Bag x8
    2 wins Perfume Bag x5
    1 win Perfume Bag x3
    0 win Perfume Bag x1
    Group Score Ranking Rewards

    You can get different rewards based on the score ranking of the group.

    Ranking Rewards
    1st~500th place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x5
    Tribal War’s Mystery Pack x50
    Perfume Bag x3
    Tribal War Point ×5000
    501st~1000th place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x3
    Tribal War’s Mystery Pack x40
    Perfume Bag x2
    Tribal War Point ×4000
    1001st~99999th place Philosopher’s Stone Fragment x1
    Tribal War’s Mystery Pack x30
    Perfume Bag x1
    Tribal War Point ×3000
    Tribe Ranking Rewards

    You can get different rewards based on the ranking of the Tribe you belong to.

    Ranking Rewards
    1st place Tribal War Point x1000
    2nd place Tribal War Point x900
    3rd place Tribal War Point x800
    4th place Tribal War Point x700
    Daily Score Rewards

    You can get different rewards depending on how many score you got daily.

    Score Rewards
    200000pt Tribal War Point x1000
    150000pt Tribal War Point x950
    100000pt Tribal War Point x900
    80000pt Tribal War Point x850
    60000pt Tribal War Point x800
    40000pt Tribal War Point x750
    20000pt Tribal War Point x700
    10000pt Tribal War Point x650
    5000pt Tribal War Point x600
    1000pt Tribal War Point x550
    1pt Tribal War Point x500

    Daily participation rewards are also available! Get lucrative rewards by fighting the Tribal War!
    *Participation is considered as obtaining a Contribution (Score) of 1pt or above in Tribal War.
    *The schedule and details may change without notice.
    *Please note that the compensation will not be distributed even if the event is cancelled.